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Our CCTV Surveillance solutions aim to avoid accidents and help to provide training from our footage as well as closer supervision on sites, ranging from schools & universities to office buildings. We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions with robust communication backbone over LAN, WiFi and other technologies based on the customers’ requirement and existing infrastructure availability along with options of remote monitoring and recording, including Cloud Solutions. We aim to build long lasting relationships with all of our customers and provide them with complete peace of mind.

Why Admitek Surveillance Solutions?

Day & Night Operation

Our CCTV cameras work in both – bright and low-light conditions providing excellent HD video output.

Network Ready

Our CCTV Systems are network ready and the footages can be controlled from any computer in the local area network.

Anywhere Viewing

Access & view all your CCTV camera footages from anywhere in the world on your smart phone.

Secured System

Our CCTV systems are secured with unique combination of User Id & Passwords to avoid intrusion & unwanted activities.

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