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Admitek is an online admission software for Schools, Colleges and Universities and SevenM Technologies Private Limited is a software development company based at Kolkata, India.

Admitek or SevenM Technologies Private Limited, its Directors or Employees are in no way, directly or indirectly, involved in the admission process of any School, College or University.

We are not admission consultants or agents of any institution. The admission process is entirely managed, operated and presided over by the college or institute management.

SevenM Technologies Private Limited collects payments from individuals (each, a “User”) through www.admitek.com and *.admissions.net.in websites (“Sites”). Such payments are collected on behalf of Educational Institutions, from whom SevenM has obtained necessary authorization prior to accepting such payments.

Since the payments such collected are fees against online application, admission fee, library fee, laboratory fee, etc., it is clear that the Users are willing to pay and apply under various courses offered by the Institutes. Refunding full or a part of the amount collected shall remain with the participating Institutes and that SevenM shall exercise no control over refunds.

Users may directly contact the Institutes for any refunds. The Institute’s decision on whether or not to refund any fee/charge shall be binding on the user.

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