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We provide customized ID Card solutions to our clients – mostly schools & colleges. Our offerings include chip-based smart cards, magnetic strip cards, barcoded cards and regular cards. Our solutions also include regular and premium lanyards as shown below. Apart from this, we also provide onsite photo-shoot service exclusively for our esteemed customers.

Why Admitek Id Card Solutions?

7 Days Delivery

We deliver in guaranteed 7 days sharp. No questions asked. You just need to provide us the approval on our sent designs.

100% Waterproof

Our Id Cards are 100% water-proof and are tested in water for 24 hours. We provide full replacement of damaged cards.

Future Ready

Our cards are based on future-ready technologies including micro-processor chips, magnetic-strips & barcodes.

Universally Accepted

Our card encoding works with almost eash & every system & it is very easy to get data from the cards in the system.

Lanyard Styles

Premium Lanyards

Printed Lanyards

Regular Lanyards

Special Services

Onsite Photo-shoot Services

We provide onsite photo-shoot service – where our team will visit your school or college and individually capture photographs of all students – one by one, and use the photographs for Identity Cards.

*This service is chargeable separately. For more details, please contact our executives or click here : Contact Us

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