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Presenting Admitek Digilib

Library Management Software

• Most Intelligent Library Management System in the Market
• RFID & Barcode Ready – for advanced usage
• Linked to Google Books API for enhanced ISBN Search
• Available in both ‘On-Cloud’ & ‘On-Premise’ Versions
• Web-based OPAC with Patron/Student Panel
• Multi-user, 256-bit SSL Secured System, 99.99% Uptime

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Admitek DigiLib is the most intelligent Library Management Software available in the market today. Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software is RFID and Barcode enabled – making it easy to manage Patrons and Items. To track records of items issued, lost, fine to be collected etc., just scan the tag or code & all the details shall be on your screen.

Our Library Management Software is connected to Google Books & Open Library APIs. It automatically fetches the details of books whenever the ISBN of the book’s ISBN is scanned using a barcode reader. Apart from this, Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software includes features like – web-based cataloging (OPAC), eBooks and Online payment of fees via payment gateway. Besides this, the software also has features like Self Check-in and check-out, reissues and more above the conventional Library Management Systems.

Features of Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software

admitek digilib library management software

RFID and Barcode Enabled System

Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software is an RFID and Barcode-enabled Library system. It supports both RFID Tags and Bar Codes. These Tags/Code Stickers are pasted on all items like Books, Magazines, DVDs etc. in your library and scanned just when they are issued to, returned by Patrons. Similarly, Students and Patrons also have their ID and Library Cards enabled with these Tags and Codes for better engagement with the library system.

admitek digilib library management software

Connected to Google Books API

Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software is connected and linked in real-time with the Google Books & the OpenLibrary Data APIs such that every time you add an item (book) into your library system, you just need to scan the ISBN Barcode of the item & our library software shall automatically get the details about the item from Google Books & the OpenLibrary Data APIs. This ensures faster data entry & fetching of data & also eliminates errors.

admitek digilib library management software

Digital OPAC & Student Self-Check In/Out

Our Library Management Software supports digital (web-based) cataloging of books, media, articles, magazines, records & scripts. The multi-lingual OPAC Interface also allows patrons and students to manage their day-to-day library tasks like issue, renewal, making payments online, etc from the in-built Student Panel by simply logging in. Apart from borrowing Physical Items, Patrons can access digital content from the Library’s collections from the Students Panel too.

admitek digilib library management software

Unlimited Books, Patrons & Users

As an Admin, you are free to add Unlimited Books, Patrons & Students and Users in the Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software without any limits. Patrons can be created from the Add Patron option; Users are people in the Library who will use the software. They can be created from the Manage Users option; and Items can be added by scanning the RFID Tag or Barcode of the Item from the Add Item option – very easily & swiftly.

admitek digilib library management software

Advanced Search & Advanced Reports

Search Items – Books, Articles & Records in a more organized and advanced manner in our Library Management Software. The Advanced Search feature returns the entries based on the user’s inputs matched in a broader sense. Also, Generate over 45 types of different reports of Patrons, Items and Revenue in just few clicks. You can also export these reports in Excel, CSV and PDF Formats for further reference and presentation.

admitek digilib library management software

Collect Payments Online with in-built Gateway

Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software has an in-built payment gateway for your Patrons to pay their Fines and Library Over-dues directly via their Credit / Debit Cards, Internet Banking, eWallets, etc. from anywhere. This helps the Library receive the payment on-time in a hassle-free manner even on Holidays. The Online Payment mode is 100% secure and real-time, and updates the patrons’ statements immediately.

admitek digilib library management software

On-Cloud & On-Premise Versions

Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software is staged on a 256-bit SSL secured cloud environment and is accessible anytime from anywhere with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. It is also available as an ‘On-Premise’ version upon request and additional charges for Institutes who are looking for a locally-installed solution for their Libraries. Even if the Software runs on-premise, daily backups are automatically taken so that no data is lost.

admitek digilib library management software

Supports Major Digital Formats

Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software supports almost all types of items in a Library. Apart from physical formats, our software supports major digital file formats like Images, PDFs, MP4 for Videos, MP3 for Audio Files, with beautiful interfaces to view them. Our engineers are working seamlessly to add functionalities & support for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint file formats also in the software.

admitek digilib library management software

Patron Library Cards

Even if your already using same or separate ID & Library cards for your library, you can continue using them in our system. To use the old cards, just scan the existing card’s Bar Code or RFID Tag & allocate it to any patron of your choice. Similarly to allocate a new card, scan the new card’s Bar Code or RFID Tag & allocate it to any patron of your choice. Once saved, by just scanning the patron’s card, you will get all the details & data on-screen about the Patron.


Mobile Responsive Design

The OPAC is mobile & tablet responsive, thus making it easy-to-open on smaller devices. Mobile responsiveness gives the system an app-like look.


Easy to Use Admin Panel

Our Admin Panel is very easy to use, manage & maintain. You’ll find all the required tools in place & it takes hardly one hour to understand everything.


Drag & Drop Menu Manager

Organize your OPAC’s menu structure & content effectively with our in-built Drag & Drop Menu Manager. Changes are reflected instantly in real-time in the OPAC.

File Manager

Organize & manage all your Patrons’ files in a more efficient way than before. All files are stored in encrypted format in the database & backed-up regularly.

Notice Manager

Easily upload or compose notices for your Patrons, view-able in the OPAC, from the Admin panel. You can also include images and links in your notices.

Multilingual OPAC

Language Problem? Greet your Patrons in a language they can speak, read & understand with the in-built Google Translator API with over 15 Indian languages.

Visitor Counter

Want to know how many patrons visited your OPAC? The Visitor Counter, placed at the bottom of the OPAC keeps track of all visitors and the system’s performance.

Custom Pop Ups

Create & manage customized pop-ups on your website with our Pop Up manager – be it seasonal greetings, urgent notices or classified information.

Important Links

Want to place important links such as to the University Website on your OPAC too? Try the Important Links section to add a few important links.


Your OPAC’s home page contains a 3-images full width slider to showcase prime photographs of happenings – fully control-able from the back-end.

Message Scroller

Add special customized messages as scrollers in different fonts, colors and sizes which scroll automatically to the OPAC’s homepage.

Priority Support

Need help in doing something? Our support team is just an click away. Simply visit the Help section in side the admin panel for assistance.

100% Secure Environment

Our library software is protected by industry-level security standards with upto 256-bit SSL encryption, thus providing a safe environment.

99.99% Uptime

You’ll find your OPAC up & running 99.99% of the time. With our robust infrastructure, you need not worry about resources like bandwidth & CPU.

Rock Solid IT Infrastructure

We have dual data centers – at Singapore & Texas. Both are redundant & highly scalable. You need not worry about the system’s performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a Library Software running at our Institute. How will the data be transferred to Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software?

Adding new items in our Library Software is very easy. You just need to scan the ISBN code of the books & Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software shall automatically fetch the details from Google Books APIs. Even cloning previously added items is easy too, thus making it easier to transfer data from your existing Library Management Software to ours. Apart from this, you can opt to outsource the entire transfer job to Admitek team & we shall enter the data for you in bulk. The outsourcing task may involve additional costs.

Can we use Old Library Cards?

Yes, very much. Only thing you need to ensure is that each of them has a unique alpha-numeric code.

How long will it take to implement the Library Software?

After receiving your Work Order & payment, we shall issue a License to the Institute, depending upon the Institute’s choice – Annual License or Perpetual License. This generally takes up to 4 hours to complete. After the License is active, the Institute may start adding Books & Items in to the software immediately. The time taken in adding the items depends on the number of items. Whereas, if the Institute opts to outsource the entire project to Admitek, we shall be able to deliver the complete Library setup within 3 – 15 days, depending upon the number of Items & students.

Do you provide outsourcing of the entire Library project?

Yes, we provide the outsourcing/turn-key solution for the entire Library project. We shall deliver you the software with all your Books & Items already entered in to our library software, all students linked with relevant settings. You can just start using the software immediately without having to worry about the data entry part.

Have more questions in mind? Feel free to Contact Us.

Pricing Details

Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software license is available in two types of plans:

1. Annual Plan (recurring every year); and
2. Perpetual Plan (one time payment).

Apart from this, there are other factors affecting the prices such as the RFID & Barcode versions. As the RFID Technology is newer than the Barcode Technology, RFID Cards, Tags & Readers are costlier than their Barcode counterparts. On-Premise Installation would further add upon the costs as it involves running a virtual server at your location with all requisite networking & software requirements to run the Admitek DigiLib Library Management Software.To get a detailed quotation, please fill up the below form or contact our team. Click here to go to the Contacts page.

    Please fill up the below form for us to help you provide a detailed quotation for our library Management Software. Our support team shall get back to you shortly on this.

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    Do you need separate Library Cards for your Students?*

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