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Student admissions are a vital part of any college/university’s functioning. A poor admissions system can mean fewer students being admitted into a university because of mistakes or an overly slow response time.The existing admissions process at any School, College or University is as follows:
  1. Potential students fill an offline paper-based application form available at select distribution centers around the country.
  2. The admissions office checks for the completeness of the application and contacts the student in case of missing information or concerns. 
  3. The application is then forwarded to the concerned department for further selection or rejection.
  4. The students selected for the further process (interviews) are intimated of their selection.

As the number of applicants grow over time, the student selection and the manual process of recording, retrieving and updating each record is becoming very tedious.

With the current process involved and the complaints from applicants,faculty and administration of the university, there is an urgent need to develop an online admission system for the university.

The system will automate the task carried out by different people in the university to admit students. Its basic objectives are to reduce time in admission activities, centralized data handling and paperless admission with reduced manpower. It will also help to reduce admissions related costs and increase operational efficiency.

Here comes Admitek! Admitek is an Online Admission Software that brings everything into place. Its wondrous features, Easy to implement functionality & 24*7 Support makes it the best available choice.

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