Easy, Simple Interface

Admitek is designed keeping simplicity in mind and thus the User Interface is very friendly. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can use the system without much hassle. You’ll surely love it!


Fast, Real-time System

Admitek runs on the cloud, backed by robust and rock-solid infrastructure. The system is 100% live and everything done on the system is reflected in real-time, without any delays.


256-bit SSL Environment

Admitek is secured with 256-bit SSL, making it hard for attackers to get access to your data and files. We maintain latest industry security standards including encrypted storage & hashing.


Live in 10 Minutes

You can go live with Admitek in sharp 10 minutes. Guaranteed! We take your on-boarding process very seriously and thus have created express configuration mode to get you there in 10 minutes. It’s a promise!


Extremely Light-weight

Admitek is extremely light-weight, thus making it work smoothly even at low data speeds. Admitek loads faster than other softwares, even in remote areas and can be used with a 2G connection too.


Mobile Ready

No matter which smartphone or tablet your student is using, Admitek fits to their screen-size and provides an elegant display – fully optimized for the user’s screen. This makes Admitek the widely used system.


Prompt Support

We want you to concentrate on managing your institute and not engage in solving issues with the software. We have the lowest response time of 4-hours on Weekdays and 6-hours on Weekends & Holidays.


Verification & Validation

Be assured, you won’t receive any fake application for any of your courses. We validate & verify details of all applicants – both Email Address & Mobile Number, before pushing their application in to the system!


200+ Payment Options

Admitek supports payments in more than 200 ways including 6 Credit Cards, 53+ Net Banking, 98+ Debit Cards, 6 ATM Cards, 43 Bank’s IMPS, 10 Prepaid Instruments, 8 Bank EMI and Offline Vouchers.


Zero Installation

Admitek runs of the cloud and thus you do not need any installation at your premises. It also means that you can access the system from anywhere, anytime using a web browser.


Effective Load Balancing

Our intelligent load balancers automatically distribute incoming application traffic across multiple instances in the cloud thus enabling us achieve greater levels of fault tolerance.


Complete Automation

Not a single aspect in the system needs human intervention. Everything is automated; be it verification of applicants, preparing Merit Lists or sending out alerts to candidates.


Platform Independent

Admitek runs smoothly and flawlessly across all major platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux and others. All you need is a web browser to access & use the software.


Completely Brandable

Admitek lets you customize the look & feel of the student portal to match with your institute’s theme. Moreover, all alerts, both Email & SMS, are sent under your Institute’s name.


Intuitive Helpdesk

Stuck somewhere? Search our helpdesk for solutions. We have developed our helpdesk in the most extensive way to help you get solutions to your queries immediately and effectively.

15 Reasons to have Admitek at your College