Admitek, a cloud-based solution for schools, colleges & universities, allows institutes to receive applications through the web. These schools, colleges & universities are those, who are looking to streamline & revolutionize their admission process.

Admitek is the first choice when it comes to Online Admission Software for schools, colleges & universities. It is easy to Manage, Monitor, Operate & Use.

For this, Admitek comes is a combination of various Modules. The 9 Basic Modules of Admitek are:

  1. Course Management
  2. Student Management
  3. Payment Management
  4. Interview Management
  5. Advanced Reporting
  6. Document Management
  7. Admission Management
  8. Portal Management
  9. SMS Alerts

However, Admitek is not Limited to these Modules only. Admitek is Highly Configurable and Customizable to suit to every Institute’s needs. And based on this, schools, colleges & universities can edit the choice of modules in their Online Admission Software – Admitek.

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Admitek – The Modules